Orange County Fires

Southern CA (mostly Irvine) is on fire. While Malibu is getting the national attention because of the celebrities and the huge houses, south Orange County is also on fire.

Here are links to OC blogs writing about the fires in Irvine and south Orange County. Google has a file you can download to track the fires via satellite on Google maps.

Which up (video)

Joe Maller (photos)

Delta Epsilon (video)

Metro Blogging (info)

Topix Forum (Exchange of updates)

Google map

Irvine’s website (running VERY slowly)

OC Register Fire Page (Traditional Media-high traffic/busy) syndicated on MSNBC

1640 am for evacuation information


Images from Irvine

Irvine webcam (not really facing the way of the fire)

Map from OC register:
Irvine fire

Image from the LA Times (about 5 minutes from where I grew up:

via LA Times

Taken by Itsthemaris posted on Flickr:


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