Video on the BlackBerry Pearl

Too bad the holidays are over. If anyone wants to buy me one, please let me know in the comments box…anyone?

Jackson West from NewTeeVee writes:

Sling Media, with CES drawing near, has unveiled a new Slingbox PRO-HD device for “placeshifting” video in full 1080i with Dolby 5.1 surround sound and new SlingPlayer Mobile software that will allow Blackberry Pearl owners to watch video from their current Sling device.

More on the Computer Electronic Show from The LA Times.

Both products will be on display in Vegas, but aren’t available to purchase yet. The new Slingbox is due to ship this fall for $399.99; the software will be available at some point this year as well, for $29.99. The new device is an upgrade from the SOLO announced last September. The company already offers a mobile player for Symbian, Palm OS and Windows Smartphones.

One Response to Video on the BlackBerry Pearl

  1. taniya says:

    wao..good news for blackberry handset holders..

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