Satellite Falls…it’s kind of like a movie

This whole satellite thing so much like a science fiction movie and a life imitates art scenario that I have a feeling that Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and a troupe of hot shot drillers are going to be asked to go on a mission to space to serve their country and blow up the broken satellite. I’m shocked that the US sending a missile to space to take out a broken satellite isn’t getting more attention. It’s pretty amazing that only once before has a satellite be shot out of space, when China flexed their muscle by showing what it can do, and this whole ordeal is going pretty much unreported.

When up to five internet lines that connect the Middle East and South Asia to the internet were cut, theories spilled over the internet. For example, where was the USS Jimmy Carter? Was the U.S. prepping for war with Iran by cutting their access to the outside world? In the end none of these happened, an abandoned anchor on sea floor cut a billion people off from the net.

It was fun to think there was some mysterious plan to cut off the internet to the Mid East and Asia, but why isn’t anyone coming up with reasons for the US wanting to blow up one of its own satellites? What would happen if the Spy Satellite fell to Earth in N. Korea, Iran, China, Syria or even France or Canada? What would they see? What would they learn? Where are the conspiracy theorists on this one. It’s just made for a movie, or have we already seen this movie?

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