Celebrating being Jason Rosenberg at SxSW

I was in DC last week and I was talking with someone about blogging and googling my name. The person said to me, “there has to be a lot of Jason Rosenbergs on Google. How will I know which one is you?” My response? I am the number one Jason Rosenberg on Google.

It’s been about a year that Googling Jason Rosenberg gives you me on the top spot. It happened last year at SxSW. I got some “major” traffic blogging from panels, even getting responses on posts from my blog minutes after I posted them.

I will be at SxSW this year…as a passive observer…and I’m so excited to blog about from Austin. I’ll celebrating being the number 1 Jason Rosenberg 😉

You can find me at SxSW by friending me on facebook or twitter me at jro. You can also find me on my flickr page.


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