Why Ron Paul still matters

While no one really thought that Ron Paul had much of a shot at being the next President of the United States, his message of Libertarianism struck a nerve with plenty of peopple from around the country. Paul’s supporters didn’t show their support at the ballot box to help the Paul train move along, but they sure did donate. From dollars to hot air balloons, Congressman Paul’s haul totaled $32 million. The number was impressive for a failed Presidential bid that was always a long shot, it’s now good seed money to start a political juggernaut. Now that Paul has shown that there is a loud support group for his ideals and all those presidential donations, he can make a huge impact on state and local elections.

That haul of cash has not translated into victory in primaries or caucuses, but it has built a political base for Paul — and, perhaps more important, a donor list — that would be the envy of any incumbent or challenger. (Paul, by the way, faces a primary challenger of his own in Texas on Tuesday).

Murray Sabrin, a New Jersey Senate candidate who has been endorsed by Paul, is expecting a “moneybomb” from his own backers and Paul’s this Friday. Sabrin has raised $194,260 since launching his campaign last month, according to a calculator on his Web site.

This boatload of cash and support can be a shot in the arm for Libertarians from across the country. However, after finishing so poorly in New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state, perhaps the only thing Libertarians can do is raise dough.

Read more about Rep. Paul’s fortunes here.

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