LA Times Crowd Sourcing Hillary Clinton’s First Lady Records

The National Archives released documents from Sen. Clinton’s time as First Lady today. These documents include her schedules which will either help bolster her claims that as First Lady, Clinton was part of important meetings that dealt with national security, economic decisions and other policy meetings or as some have said that she has overstated her role as First Lady. In all these documents which are available on CD at the Clinton Library in Little Rock total more than 11,000 pages. With every news organization trying to find a gem that can help them break a story, the LA Times has made an explicit call on the front page of their website for users to submit information they find in the 11,000 pages of records to the Times. What a great use of crowd sourcing. The LA Times are using a trick that bloggers and online groups have been using for years. Why have one person tackle 11,000 pages when you can have 11,000 people tackle one page?

Great use of your readers’ time, way to bring them in the community.

LA Times Crowd Sourcing

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