Nuts! Jericho Canceled Again

The CBS show Jericho was a big hit among it’s fans. I knew some people who really loved the show. The problem was there weren’t enough people who liked the show. So CBS canceled it. That was the first time it was canceled in in 2007. Outraged fans started a grassroots campaign to get the show back on the air. Thousands of fans sent millions of nuts to CBS in a reference to a line from the show.

The plan worked and CBS brought Jericho back to primetime. However, there were more nuts sent than viewers and CBS has once again canceled the show.

From the LA Times:

CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler announced today that “Jericho,” the low-rated series that earned a second season through fan support, will conclude with its series finale on Tuesday.

“Without question, there are passionate viewers watching this program,” Tassler said. “We simply wish there were more of them.”

Two endings had been prepared for the end of the seven-episode season. Tuesday’s finale aims to provide “closure” for fans, a source at the studio said.

The series attracted 7.2 million viewers when it returned Feb. 12, but the audience had dropped off to 5.8 million by last week.

— Lynn Smith

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