R.I.P The 9

Yahoo announced today that they have canceled “The 9.”  The show, hosted by Maria Sansone was Yahoo’s daily show about what’s online, pop culture and more. The 9 started around the time YouTube picked up and people were looking for the best what’s online. It was a great show that was probably pretty inexpensive for Yahoo to produce. Have some people look up what’s funny online break that down to 9 items write a script for a five minute show and go online. From the beginning of the show, “The 9” had a sponsor in Pepsi and the numbers did were pretty big. According to Yahoo, the show got 76 million views over the 400 episodes. Yahoo promoting the show on it’s homepage didn’t hurt it either.  The show was cute, fast paced and had decent guest starts like Dane Cook, Donald Trump and Christina Ricci. The show was somewhat interactive with the host giving shoutouts to viewers and allowing users to submit their favorite webtrends of the day to the “Pepsi 10.”

Yahoo cut the show to make way for other shows including one that recaps TV shows. Yahoo is an online company and should be spreading the word about what happens online, not on TV. This is a bad move by Yahoo.

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