Artie Lange’s self fulfilling prophecy

Artie Lange walked off the Howard Stern show after her attacked his assistant Teddy. The exchange between Artie and Teddy was wild with Artie screaming at Teddy for being a bad assistant. After accusing Teddy of stealing money from him, Artie screamed a little more at Teddy then, according to Howard 100 news, Artie then threw something at Teddy and then lunged his assistant. Artie left the studio, only to return a few minutes and started a fight with Howard where Artie blamed Howard for starting the fight between Teddy and Artie. Howard wouldn’t take the blame but Artie persisted and brought up a fight between Howard and Fred Norris from 20 years ago. After some more yelling, Artie offered his resignation and Howard accepted. All-in-all it was great radio, but really sad to see Artie self-destruct.

However, Artie seemed to know this was coming. Check out his appearance on The Big Idea from only one-week earlier where Artie basically predicts his own demise:

Rumor is Sirius bigwigs like CEO Mel Karmazin were in on a meeting to decide the fate of Artie Lange. Howard is on vacation until April 21. Now is the time for Howard to use his ISDN line to give his audience updates on what is going on.


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