One way to keep gas prices low…

Institute the 55 mph speed limit? Make all cars hybrids? No only buy gas from stations which have pumps that can’t go past $3.99/ gallon. 

Per the Washington Post, check out this story about older pumps at smaller gas stations that don’t have the capacity to go past $3.99. Remember Y2K?

The old mechanical gas pumps with scrolling dials at her country store in Fauquier County lack the gears to go beyond $3.99 a gallon. State inspectors shut down her diesel pump several months ago when the fuel topped the $4 mark, so now all that’s left are two pumps dispensing 87-octane gasoline, set at $3.75 — and climbing.



One Response to One way to keep gas prices low…

  1. meu26thumper says:

    There is a SOLUTION to high gasoline prices.

    The Transduced Engine

    GASOLINE NOT NEEDED. The creation of the transduced engine is by a former United States Marine whos remained unnamed do to threats.

    The engine used no fossil fuel no giant 300 pound batteries, but a self contained 346hp fluid dynamics worm drive powerplant. Already capable of going into any vehicle here in the US. The engine is a combination of electrical and fluid dynamics to produce power to the drive system with compressed air flow and on the go regenerative components in a self charging package.

    It has no spark plugs, no fuel injection system no exhaust, no emissions, no polutions, no antifreeze, a list of 100 regular things a gas or desiel engine requires.

    So what gives why cant everyone have one. Well the Federal Goverment doesnt want it built. Why? Because Oil guys will loose there shorts, Big business will loose money, an estimated 500,000 would loose there jobs in the Auto Unions because what they build is not needed for the transduced motor.

    BUT if the Big 3 did utilize the Transduced Engine it would take only 140 days for the Suadi Kings to loose 10 trillion dollars in oil sales forcing them to depend on the US not the other way around.

    You really want to make a difference and never have to pay for gas again. REALLY?!! Then post this everywhere and on JULY 4th 2008 be ready for the introduction of the Transduced Engine information to be releaded Built BY AMERICANS FOR AMERICANS!!!!!

    Post this and send to everyone you know.

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