India blogging

My friend Jenny is in India for three months! She’s going to be in Delhi and the north while she’s there. She just started her new blog about her trip and has some great insights on traveling, new adventures and more. Check out Jenny’s blog for an American’s view on India.

Check out the blog here.


2 Responses to India blogging

  1. jdiamond22 says:

    It is quite flattering that you have provided a link to my seedling of a blog, but in order to make it better how the heck do I insert a link like you did above???
    Yes, I know that I did it once, but I don’t remember how I did it.

    Thanks guru.

  2. […] One I knew about and was a friend who initially set me up blogging. Jason’s blog is here. After doing some snooping I found out that the other blog and author is someone out of Mumbai […]

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