The Life of Harry Truman

I’m watching PBS’s “American Experience” on Harry Truman. What an amazing story. He’s the president who ended WWII, desegregated the Armed Forces, entered the Korean war, created the CIA and created and joining NATO, was the first president to address the NAACP in its 40 year history, had to deal with post-WWII America, a GOP dominated Congress, the McCarthy era and the start of the Cold War. Truman’s rise from being a failed store owner, to an unknown Vice President to President of the United States during some of the most heady times.

Truman was leading America during one of the most important periods in American history and of course during these times a leader will have many enemies. But his biggest critic seemed to be his own Mother-in-law. According to “American Experience” Bess Truman’s mother, could not stand her son-in-law. As a matter of fact, she would only refer to him as “Mr. Truman” and felt even though he was President of the United States, he was still a failed business owner and not good enough for her Bess.

The Mother-in0Law


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