Good-bye Shaq

Shaq O’Neal is paid $20 million annually by the Phoenix Suns for the honor of playing about a dozen games and losing in the first round of the NBA playoffs. The guy had the gall to freestyle “rap” about Kobe and tease him because the Lakers lost the NBA finals.

Well, even though the Suns are still paying $20 million for the rights of a very old man to play on their team, the Mariposa Sheriff’s department in Arizona doesn’t want Shaq even though he works for free.

After hearing about Shaq’s “rap”, the Sheriff’s department hacked Shaq and removed him from his position as special deputy because of his defamatory language to Kobe. How can a man who uses the N-word be expected to uphold the law fairly.

From the AP

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the Phoenix Suns center’s use of a racially derogatory word and other foul language left him no choice. Arpaio made Shaq a special deputy in 2006 and promoted him to colonel of his largely ceremonial posse later that year.

“I want his two badges back,” Arpaio told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “Because if any one of my deputies did something like this, they’re fired. I don’t condone this type of racial conduct.”

Here’s my attempt at a rap:

Dear Shaq, your rap was wack and now the Sheriff wants his badges back.

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