McCain and the GOP base are not in harmony

Having worked on many losing campaigns I understand the frustration of “not winning.” And while I’ve never  been on a campaign that lost a primary, I can totally understand how hard it must be to go from doing everything in your power you can do to help elect your candidate to do everything in your power to help elect your opponent. That’s why when the pollsters announced their poll results that x number of Clinton supporters wouldn’t vote for Obama and x number Obama supporters wouldn’t vote for Clinton, I figured that’s just how it goes at the end of a hard fought battle. You root for your team. Even when you’re down your job is to keep you head held high and remember that there’s always a way. Until there isn’t.

Because of this narrative from the primaries that there are somewhere tens-of-thousands of Hillary supporters “out there” who are not only not going to vote for  Obama, but they are going to vote for McCain. The media are looking for these people for quotes and their website to keep this failing narrative going. First, this doesn’t make any sense at all since McCain’s politics are miles away from Hillary’s but second it seems that reporters can find a couple of people out there who supporters Clinton and now are supporting McCain.

However, it now seems like a core GOP constituency, Evangelical Christians aren’t so sure they are going to support McCain. Remember, McCain is the guy who called Jerry Falwell an agent of intolerance only to show up at his Liberty College when he decided that he needed Falwell and his supporters. Many Evangelicals see McCain as a flip-flopper who can’t be trusted. McCain has flip-flopped on just about everything so why wouldn’t religion be one of those things. The conservative church goers see through this.

So maybe now, while Clinton supporters, who are rightfully, taking their time in coming over to team Obama are coming now coming over, maybe the media need to start focusing on the fact that the very constituency that Bush, Rove and Mehlman made the base of the party is not on board with the 2008 Republican presumptive nominee. I those three wish George Allen wasn’t such a bigot.

Check out this video from CNN.


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