John McCain: Stay Off My Lawn

According to John McCain himself, he doesn’t use a computer. It’s not that he has anything against the computers, he just doesn’t use one. With everything in our world becoming reliant on computers, the internet and mobile communication, how can the leader of the free world be someone who doesn’t can’t use the computer. While he’s no wiz, my grandfather can email. John McCain can’t even do that.

But never fear, according to his campaign, John McCain is “aware of the internet.” Being aware of the internet is sort of like Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens famously said, “The internet is a series of tubes.”

The issue net neutrality is one of the biggest issues of our time for individuals, for business and for innovation. And according to the Pentagon, online attacks grow every day. Being aware of the internet isn’t going to cut it when a friendly nations sets out their techno spies or a rouge nation, terrorist group or 14 year-old hacker crack into the Pentagon’s computers, the CIA’s computers, a financial institution’s records or just our personal computers.

Being “aware” of the internet isn’t enough.

Check out Tracy Russo’s panel at the Personal Democracy Forum with one of McCain’s internet strategists.

Then check out Big Mac saying that he, “hates bloggers.”


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