LA Times: Drop the The

The LA Times announced today that they are cutting 250 jobs including 150 newsroom staff. The number of journalists will go from 1200 back in 2001 down to like 700. The Times is saddled in debt and these cuts, were “necessary” to keep the paper going. 

One of the editors was quoted as saying not to long ago, that there is a disproportionate number of LA Times reporters in Washington, DC compared to Orange County.  The LA Times, I guess, feels that it need to compete with the far inferior Orange County Register to stay relevant. Editors want more pictures, more graphics and less text. Just what American journalism needs, less text. But when you cut your staff by 150 writers and your paper by 15 percent, I guess more pictures is what you get. 

All that being said, the bottom line is that the LA Times wants to increase readership and be the paper of record from the Southland but in their new search function asks uses to search for LA and “the OC.”

The OC is a television. OC is the abbreviated name of Orange County. If you want to sound like a local, talk like a local. “The OC” is not local.

LA Times is not local


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