Congress in Ferraris

I was out to dinner with some friends when one of my friends pointed out the window and asked me about a man dressed in kakahis and a Hawaiian-like shirt and walking from his parked shiny, cherry red Ferrari to a restaurant to pick up dinner. He was wondering who drives such a beautiful and expensive car. I turned and looked out the window to catch a glimpse of someone coming out of such a beautiful car. To the best of view, it was Rep. John Campbell of south Orange County’s 48th Congressional District.

Does Congressman John Campbell drive a red Ferrari? Is it appropriate for a Member of Congress to drive around their district in such a flashy car (assuming it was him) when the economy is in such bad shape. If indeed it was him, wouldn’t it be an easy shot of a camera to get a photo for his opponent’s website or direct mail? Does driving a Ferrari automatically make someone out of touch? If you have the means to drive it does it matter. The 48th Congressional is an affluent district, but a Ferraris is not common place in Irvine, CA. Is that how Campbell (if it was him) wants to represent the district?

If you know that Rep. Campbell does or does not drive a Ferrari, please leave a comment below. I’m curious to see if he actually does drive such a flashy car and what does that mean in South Orange County.

Here’s a picture from of Congressman Campbell checking out a Lamborghini. No word if he bought it.

Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) checks out a Lamborghini

Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) checks out a Lamborghini


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