Are you ready for some

Major League Baseball seems to get the internet. They charge users to watch games online and since baseball season is only spring and summer (unless your favorite teams are good) bring users to the winter meetings and the draft and more. It’s really worth your while.

The NFL on the other hand, is known as being very stingy in offering its content. Networks unaffiliated with the NFL may only broadcast a very limited amount of football highlights and there are rumors that the NFL will take some of the content off broadcast and cable TV making it exclusively available on the NFL network, a pay network.

However, the NFL and NBC announced that the Sunday night football game will be broadcast online for free…with advertising. The ad revenue will be split between NBC and the NFL.

Partnering with the NFL will be NBC, which broadcasts the league’s games on Sunday nights. NBC will make its television feed — including Al Michaels’ play-by-play and John Madden’s color commentary — available on the websites of both the network and league. NBC will sell the advertising for the venture and presumably share the revenue with the NFL.

Welcome to the internet age NFL. If this works, maybe all games will be broadcast or rebroadcast online. In the past ABC has sold BCS games on iTunes and Hulu has some amazing NBA games available for streaming.

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