Congress in Ferraris updates

A few weeks back I wrote a post about seeing a guy in a Hawaiian shirt and Khaki pants getting out of a Ferrari to pick up some food at a restaurant in Irvine, CA. My friend asked me who I thought the guy was getting out of the car. When I looked, I responded, it sure looked like Congressman John Campbell of California’s 48th Congressional District.

As the debate rages on about Congress staying in session to debate gas prices and energy policy and how that affects their constituents back home, is it right for a Member of Congress to drive around in a gas guzzeling sports car that is worth more than most people make in a year?

I wasn’t sure if the person driving the car was Rep. Campbell. I still am not absoutly sure it was. So I called Rep. Campbell’s Congressional office in Newport Beach and spoke with a man named Chris. I asked Chris if it could have been Congressman Campbell in that Ferrari. Chris told me it was and then reassured me that, “He paid for it with his own money.”

Here’s my Cafferty-esque question: When the Economy is in a tailspin and gas prices are way out of control, should Members of Congress talk about how the feel the pain of the voters back at home and then slip into a car that has low gas milage and can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) checks out a Lamborghini

Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) checks out a Lamborghini

2 Responses to Congress in Ferraris updates

  1. kgmadman says:

    I noticed that Campbell deleted a clip from his YouTube account of himself on CNN arguing for why we needed the TARP money. And then put up a clip of himself arguing against “socialism”.

  2. Predictable, but I’m wondering if he’ll post the clip of him on Hardball arguing the pro-birther position of card-checking presidential candidates. We need representation that actually represents their voters. Campbell is off the mark with what his south Orange County congressional district needs.

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