Funny online ads

You know when you see non-English language signs translated into English and they absoultly make zero sense? Online advertising can be as equally as strange. Online advertising is different than television or radio advertising because online advertising uses your IP address to advertise local products to you and among other things, it uses keywords in stories that you’re reading to target you.

In this ad, I was reading a story about North Korea in the Washington Post when I came across this ad for ringtones… but do North Korean ringtones really exist? Is there a market for these tones?

Your phone is really blowing up.

Your phone is really blowing up.

In this ad from CNN, I find very funny. The targeting is correct. I am single, I am 28 and while I don’t visit online dating sites, putting a picture of an attractive woman on a site that a single, straight man visits is a good way to get his attention. However, the ad is ridiculous. First, this woman is not on this online dating site. Second, she’s probably not 29. Third, She’s a teacher?  Then the ad has a little disclaimer at the bottom that says that person depicted in the photo is not necessarily a member on the site.

Hot for Teacher

Hot for Teacher


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