Did the GOP back themselves into a VP corner?

In 2004 a blogger broke the news that John Edwards would be John Kerry’s running mate after he saw Edwards’ name painted on the campaign plane. Rumors from bloggers were going nuts about Obama’s running mate. One website swore it was going to be Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius because the blogger thought the campaign owned the domain Obama-Sebelius.

In the end the news wasn’t broken by a blogger, CNN may or may not have beat the official text message, but they story was told the old fashion way, through the traditional media. All day last Saturday, the TV news networks were showing footage of Obama and Biden and talking about the merits of the pick because of Biden’s experience and how he can bring this and that to the campaign. Sen. John McCain even called the ticket “formidable.”

Even if I still haven’t received my official text message telling me that the Biden is the pick, the Obama campaign got an amazing amount of coverage from this story. But will the GOP.

The McCain campaign has pretty much stated that they will announce McCain’s VP choice the day after the Democratic National Convention.  However, while last Monday, reporters and average Americans were checking their phones for a text from Obama, no one is talking about McCain’s coming choice. All the political reporters are in Denver for the week and no one has mentioned it yet. McCain is supposed to be on Leno tonight, so maybe that will stir up some excitement for tomorrow morning, but with some of the bigger speeches coming on Tuesday night in Denver, how long can any news McCain makes tonight last before we hear more and more about Monday night’s speech recap and Tuesday night’s preview?

Once McCain does announce his VP nominee, will the media’s attention (which will be recovering from 4 drunken days in Denver with the understanding that there is just a few days before four more drunken days in St. Paul) turn to McCain’s announcement or will the glow of Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen opening up for Barack Obama at Invesco Field be too much for the GOP nominee to overcome?

Anyway, Marc Ambinder twittered that he is sure McCain is picking Romney. I kind of hope it is because I want to see this clip of a very out of place Mitt Romney with some kids from his time as a candidate for President.


One Response to Did the GOP back themselves into a VP corner?

  1. kennedy121 says:

    Lol I remember seeing that vid a few months ago, tis hilarious!

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