Political Bullshit and narratives…

MSNBC has had AMAZING convention coverage. At the Democratic National Convention, their on-air talent were fighting with each other like a cranky siblings in the back of their station wagon during a long road trip. Unscripted and fun to watch. In a much more mature way, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd (full discloser: I was a producer on Chuck’s show HotlineTV) got what may have been the best interview of both Conventions, McCain 2000 chairman and NBC contributer Mike Murphy, Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan and Todd we talking about the pick of Palin. When it looked like the audience was being taken to commercial, MSNBC was still live as was the audio. Chuck asked Murphy off-air why Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison wasn’t picked for the ticket and if this was an insult to her considering that she was a woman with a lot of experience and consistently elected with a wide-margin of victory in her home state.  That sent off a bit of a fire storm of words that we never meant for air.

Murphy and Noonan laughed. Noonan simply said No!  Palin wasn’t the most qualified and that “I think they went for this, excuse me, political bullshit about narratives and [inaudible] the picture.”

Check out this exchange and more in the video

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