So that’s how they do it in that family

This raw video from John McCain arriving in Minnesota is so awkard it makes me so uncomfortable. First, McCain gets off the plane and has a weird embrace with his wife Cindy. He then greets his daughter Bridget and then goes back and kisses Cindy as if he forgot a part of his script. As he moves down the line, he sees his daughter Megan and she gives him a big hug. But McCain still seems cool to his own family. They stay in place as McCain does down the greeting line meeting the Palins including Levi Johnston the father to be of Sarah Palin’s daughter.

That is the weirdest part of this footage is when McCain saves his biggest embrace for Bristol and Levi whose hand he holds and arm he strokes.

2 Responses to So that’s how they do it in that family

  1. A.j. says:

    Poor John, he seems overwhelmed by it all, do real men hug he seems to be thinking

  2. EmilyD says:

    Um, so who is the poor guy who only got a handshake (4th from the front or so)? McCain hugged everyone else except this guy.

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