The 2012 Conventions?

The way that the speakers on the Republican National Convention spoke, you’d think that Barack Obama has been President for four years and the party that was out of power was trying to take down the incumbent President and his party for four years of poorly received policies and broken promises. However, this is not the case. This is the 2008 election cycle and our country is coming off of eight years of failed Bush policies. Day 3 of the GOP Convention started with Mitt Romney talking about the liberal Supreme Court allowing for due process for prisoners in Gitmo to Mike Huckabee whining about not being on the choice of Convention and making the assertion that because Joe Biden didn’t receive much support in the Democratic primaries that he is unqualified to be president to Rudy Giuliani questioning Obama’s experience as a community organizer and doing his best Artie Lange impersonation with “I’m sorry her town isn’t cosmopolitan enough.” (Did anyone remind Rudy that the city which he comes from is New York City?) Even John McCain’s VP got in on the action calling into question Obama’s experience in putting people to work as a community organizer, helping people fight crime and help people empower themselves and not as Mike Huckabee say, rely on the government to help them out. And while Palin insisted that McCain would get America out of Iraq after winning the war, she along with a long list of Iraq war supporters didn’t state what it means to win the war.

While these four people took the time to go after the Obama administration, they never dealt with their own. Not once was George W. Bush’s name mentioned. Not once did anyone of these speakers at the GOP Convention talk about how John McCain voted with the President 95 percent of the time and not once did anyone talk about how the GOP will fix our country. With the exception of claiming the Obama will raise taxes (not true) did they say anything about the McCain plan for rescuing the country from what Fred Thompson called “an economic downturn.”

George W. Bush got a total of eight minutes to bask in the glow of his two-term presidency. Eight minutes to talk about how America is fighting two wars, blew a multi-trillion surplus, record trade deficit, a rising China, record high oil prices, record high oil company profits and a broke economy. With all of these issues, I have one question for the GOP:

Other than telling me why a former community activist turned state senator turned U.S. Senator can’t be president: 

What is the plan for your four years?

Remember this is the 2008 GOP Convention.


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