Typing for the disabled

The Obama Campaign put out an ad last week calling John McCain out of touch. The Obama points out that while McCain been running as an outsider and a maverick, he’s been in Congress for over 26 years. But the ad also points out that Sen. McCain doesn’t know how to use the Internet.

Instead of campaigning on real issues like the collapse of major financial institutions, the McCain campaign has trying to start a meme that the Obama campaign is making fun of John McCain because he is physically unable to type because of the injuries he sustained as a POW.

The point of the ad was to say that the internet is a major part of the 21st Century and John McCain is firmly planted in the 20th Century. The internet effects commerce, job creation, infrastructure, tax issues, international realtions and more.

So the point of the internet ad wasn’t to say, “LOL, John McCain can’t Google or read the blogs,” it was meant to say, “How can John McCain who, as his deputy director of eCampaigns once said is ‘aware of the internet,’ understand 21st Century issues?”

Besides, if someone who has the medical conditions as Steven Hawking can communicate using a computer or a quadrapalegic can move a wheelchair or a blind person can send off an email, John McCain’s tourture endused disability shouldn’t prevent him from understanding the internet. Plus there is a whole host of tools for people with disabilities to use a keyboard.


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