Palin can’t seem to tell the truth

Among many lies that Sarah Palin has told in the couple of weeks she’s been on the GOP ticket here are a few and the list is growing. Why is this ok?

  • No, she didn’t tell Congress “Thanks but no thanks.” Congress cut the program while she was still for it. Alaska, under the Palin administration, even kept the money for the bridge.
  • Even though she mentioned it as late as today during a campaign rally Palin in Golden, CO Palin didn’t sell the governor’s plane on ebay.
  • Now she’s apparently telling Republicans that she was improvising her speech at the Republican National Convention. But she did not.

2 Responses to Palin can’t seem to tell the truth

  1. DeAnna Claudette says:

    I would say that nearly everything they’ve said about Sarah Palin, especially in regards to her experience and record, have either been half truths, or complete lies. Unfortunately, this doesn’t matter one bit to their conservative base. I read an article today from the Washington Post that says that, providing people with the facts could reinforce the lies!!

    I find this amazingly bizarre since I have no problems with accepting FACTS when they are presented, even if they hurt the side that I am voting for. Something about this makes me very said for mankind.

  2. Perhaps this is why the campaign is keeping her on the trail and away from reporters. This is straight out of the Bush campaign playbook. Another reason John McCain is really John McSame.

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