The Senator Has Reported Every Gift He Has Ever Received

The Minnesota press corp asks Norm Coleman’s campaign manager Cullen Sheehan for information about the possibility that Norm Coleman received clothes from a man named Nasser Kazeminy without Coleman paying for the items. If Coleman did receive gifts from the businessman, friend and campaign contributor, and not report the free items as gifts, Sen. Coleman could be in violation of Senate ethic rules.

In an odd exchange with reporters, when asked if Kazeminy provided Sen. Coleman with free clothing, Sheehan kept answering with the same response, “The Senator has reported every gift he has ever received.”

And you thought you had a bad day:

A side note: I was wondering when there would be an gotcha moment in this campaign cycle. It seems to have started here.


2 Responses to The Senator Has Reported Every Gift He Has Ever Received

  1. smartandfemale says:

    I’ve watched this myself. It’s very very odd. There’s another great video on YouTube about social security. For being a spokesman he’s very soft spoken. I’m not sure he’s convinced of what he’s saying.

    I lived in Minnesota for quite a bit of my life and supported Paul Wellstone whole heartedly. It was a tragedy when his plane crashed and Minnesota allowed this joker to represent them in the Senate!!!

  2. […] Watch Cullen Sheehan, Norm Coleman’s campaign manager bungle up a press briefing on the topic. It’s three and a half minutes of hilarity while Sheehan has his worst Bad-Hair Day ever saying over and over: “Uhhh…The Senator has reported he has ever received.“ […]

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