Racist coward at a McCain rally

Last nighton “The Late Show,” David Letterman pressed John McCain to name another terrorist that Obama hangs around with. Since Gov. Sarah Palin and John McCain himself say that “Barack Obama pals around with terrorists,” Letterman asked McCain to name someone aside from Ayres who is a terrorist that Barack Obama pals around with. Sen. McCain laughed and said millions of things are said on the campaign trail.

Senator, there are millions of things said on the campaign trail, but your job is to inspire people to do good not to become nasty un-American bigots. These video is from one of your supporters at your rally. While you had no way of knowing what this man was saying outside your rally or even inside your rally, once you know these kind of actions are going on, it’s imperative for you to denounce all of them.

Rep. John Lewis shouldn’t apologize for his comments about you and your running mate encouraging hate because here is a stark example from your supporters.

Here is the coward once he realizes he is on a network camera:


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