Is this what it’s coming to?

This afternoon, I saw some guy park his white pick up truck, get out, walk to the corner of the street take a No on 8 yard sign and crumple it up with disgust and throw it in the bed of the truck. 

I hopped out of the car I was riding in and chased the guy. He ran back into said truck and sped off. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the truck with my phone and while I called the police to report the crime, I missed the opportunity to really get his true identity and press charges. 

But yard signs aren’t the point. The point is, in this election the electorate is getting nasty. Starting with John McCain, Sarah Palin and Republican officials suggesting that the Democratic presidential nominee associates with terrorists and perhaps is a terrorist and anti-American to voters being heckled for practicing democracy by voting, America is showing a very sick and ugly side.

Below is a video I found at Jack and Jill Politics of McCain supporters heckling VOTERS in North Carolina. Is this what we’re coming to? Voter intimidation?  Is this how Republicans practice Democracy? 


This is not the “Real America,” this is disgusting and Republicans need to stop it.

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