Mumbai and citizen journalism

People have been asking me what twitter is and why it matters. In cases like what has been happening in Mumbai in the last few days, twitter is a great source for citizen journalism.

Going to, I found @vinu‘s tweet about his pictures on flickr. While the guns were blaring and hostages were being taken and the situation all around Mumbai was complete chaos, Vinu had images up around the web and they were being broadcast on television.

This realistic view of what happened was provided by an individual, not a news organization and gave the world more insight on the severity of what happened in Mumbai.

Over 100,000 people have viewed Vinu’s images, more than will see professional news images photos in some papers. People like Vinu should be commended for taking risks and getting out the news about such a grave and scary series of murderous incidents.
Check out all #mumbai tweets here.

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