Where were you when Barack Obama was inaugurated?

While watching events like the Super Bowl in large groups will probably always be something which happens in American culture, it looks like those images of people gathered around a television to watch a historic event may be over soon. While millions of Americans will be gathering around the National Mall in Washington, DC, even more people will be at work or doing their day to day activities. And while people from across the United States will stop what they are doing to see the 44th President of the United States sworn in to office, many simply won’t have access to a TV at the time to watch it live.

Ah, but what makes the inauguration different from past inaugurations? Well aside from the obvious, this inauguration will viewable almost everywhere. While I’m sure President Bush’s 2nd inauguration was streamed online, it will be hard to find a website online that isn’t streaming the Obama inauguration. According to TechCrunch, even the entertainment website Hulu (a joint property between News Corp and NBC Universal) will be streaming the inauguration.

If you can’t be in front of you computer, Ustream will streaming the inauguration for your iphone.

Where will you be when Barack Obama was inaugurated? Looks like you can be anywhere.


2 Responses to Where were you when Barack Obama was inaugurated?

  1. I couldn’t travel to D.C., but watched the inauguration at the National Civil Rights Museum where there was a free viewing. Later, I watched some of the parade and the inauguration balls online. This was reportedly the second-most watched presidential inauguration since Ronald Reagan’s, according to Nielsen. Also, it was a big day online.

  2. Jeannie,

    I think that’s a great place to have witnessed the inauguration! Thanks for sharing!

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