How many are watching?

It is said that 100 million people watched finale of MASH. Hundreds of millions watch the superbowl and the Academy Awards, how many millions or billions are watching President Barack Obama delivering his inaugural address?

With Television, internet and people gathered in crowds across the world will we ever know?

Update: Maybe we will know. Writer and critic Jeff Jarvis notes on his twitter feed that has logged 13.9 million live stream.

Update 2 Maybe in order to watch events online yuou need to have a TV near by. According to TechCrunch:

With millions tuning in from their PCs to watch President Obama’s Inauguration speech, it was one of the biggest tests yet for live video streaming.  But live streaming failed. kept bumping viewers into virtual waiting rooms. This happened to me in the middle of Obama’s speech. I had to keep hitting refresh, but missed half the speech. The stream on Hulu was even worse, with the video frozen and the audio coming in and out. And forget about Ustream. I couldn’t even get any audio. This seemed to be the general experience out there, based on other reports.


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