My Tweet/My bad

While watching some news this Sunday, I saw some of President Obama’s weekly radio address. Of course starting with the weekend after the election, President Obama updated the decades long tradition of the radio address solely appearing on the radio. This change was meet with much enthusiasm. The Obama campaign sent out an email to their supporters and the traditional media covered this tradition altering video on YouTube as if this was all the Change we were going to get. 

In the end, this was the start of Change. And the Obama Administration let us know that technology helps usher in Progress.

Of course each week the President greets the nation with a radio address, the party not in power asks one of their leaders to  give the response. This week House Minority Leader John Boehner  delivered his first Republican address. While the news channel I was watching showed the Obama video address, the channel showed only a still shot of the GOP and the audio of the party’s radio address.

I twittered that the GOP should wake up and use video like the Obama Administration uses video. I was wrong and I’m sorry. The GOP does have a YouTube channel and the Minority Leader’s address was on YouTube, however the video cannot be embedded.

In an attempt to be annoying and partisan, here’s the video viewership by party:

White House Address: 865,860 

Republican Address: 6,261


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