Israeli Elections

This coming Tuesday marks national elections for Israel. After a very interesting half-year or so which almost brought Israel its second female Prime Minister, the scandal ridden Ehud Olmert will finally be out of office and new leadership can take the reign. However, how “new” the leadership is is really up to the voters. The left leaning Labor Party leader Ehud Barak has been Prime Minister back in the late 90s. Barak succeeded the very hawkish leader of the Likud Party Benjamin Netanyahu who was voted out of office after several no-confidence votes. And while Kadima, founded by former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, has been in power since the party was founded, it looks like Olmert’s scandals, party infighting and the war with Hamas may cost Tzipi Livni her chance at being the actual Prime Minister and it may end Kadima as a political party. 

After a second intifada in 2000, countless terror attacks within the country, a withdrawl from Gaza, a war with Hezbollah, a war with Hamas and internal bickering which collapsed a government, the people of Israel finally have general elections to see who will lead their country. Of course once the person become the head of state, they must form a coalition government in order to maintain power, but that’s just par for the course in Israeli politics. 

Jerome Armstrong has some interesting articles about the election, including a some of the mudslinging, name calling and sexist tactics that make up this election. 

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that in the last round of polling that Likud is likely to win this election by a small number. So while Foreign Minister (former Prime Minister-designate) and Barak’s Labor party will take the lion’s share of the left voting, Netanyahu and the nationalist ultra right wing Avigdor Lieberman’s Israel Beytenu Party will take up the most of the rightwing votes thus giving Prime Minister’s seat to Netanyahu.

For a complete list of the  parties and candidates, check out the Israeli government’s website on the elections.

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