Judd Gregg out

Republican Judd Gregg of New Hampshire  announced today that he no longer wants to be United States Commerce Secretary. There are many theories as to why he didn’t want the job. Conservatives say Gregg didn’t want to support the stimulus bill that is now in conference committee. Others are saying that the Census, which is normally conducted by the Department of Commerce, was taken from Commerce to the White House and that is the real reason why Gregg withdrew from consideration.

But now the big question is how did Gregg even become the secretary-designate. The White House says Gregg lobbied Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for the job and Reid pushed the White House on it. 

Gregg now explains it as kind of like a blind date. An unnamed third party said to the White House, “You have to meet our friend Judd. He’s tall, fiscally conservative and from New Hampshire. And did I happen to mention he once won the lottery?” The that same party said to Gregg, “Listen, you’ve been in the Senate for a while and that’s great, but there’s a whole world out there. There’s this new guy in town. He’s in super shape, totally popular but dealing with some heavy stuff right now. But he can whisk you around the planet and you’ll have a great time with him. Do you want me to set you up?”

Both said yes and Gregg now says he has cold feet.

Here’s the audio and video from the he said/she said debate.

Here’s audio from President Obama

Here’s video from Former Senator, Secretary Designate  Judd Gregg


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