Why does Sirius satellite radio hate its subscribers?

In the downfall that is terrestrial radio, you’d think that a subscription based company like Sirius would do whatever it could to get former listeners of crappy terrestrial radio to change their listening habits and pony up the monthly subscription fee. Unfortunately, Sirius has taken the “take it or leave it model” where no one wins.

To listen to Sirius, you need to have: 1) Purchased a new car equipped with satellite radio or 2) Purchased a radio that only works with sirius at a cost starting around $200. After that you must spend the subscription fee which is $12.99 a month.

So far the yearly cost is the cost of a new car + $156 (or whatever the cost of the device is +$156.)

However, in order to make sirius more accessible and easier to listen Sirius has an internet version that for now is included in the $12.99/monthly charge. But Sirius’ player is clunky, often stops streaming and does not have all of Sirius’ content. Why have an online player if changing channels on a multi channel platform was a chore?

So to help Sirius fans get around Sirius’ lousy player and make Sirius more accessible to its PAYING CUSTOMERS, the people over at NiceMac created a player called Starplayr. This beautiful player was amazing. Changing channels was a breeze, the player rarely crashed and was only accessible to people who had a working account with Sirius. 

Well Sirius pulled the plug on Starplayr tonight. They told the innovative folks who just wanted to make it easier for paying customers to listen to Howard Stern and dozens of channels of commercial free music. Yes, Sirius wants to make it harder and less appealing for customers to access Sirius content.


So my question is, “Why does Sirius hate its subscribers?”

Since the merger:

1. Sirius moved the NBA channel to XM so Sirius users have to pay more to get a channel they already had

2. Sirius killed NiceMac’s iPhone player which would have allowed paying subscribers a chance to access Sirius ANYWHERE, just like an old school radio.

3. Sirius killed NiceMac’s StarPlayr. A slick player that allowed users to connect via the web in a user friendly manner.

I know times are tough. But the last people you want to piss off is your fan base. When times are difficult it’s your family you look to for help. NiceMac is trying to help you. It’s trying to make Satellite radio more appealing. We want to listen to commercial free music, but you make it harder and harder to do. I have my itunes, podcasts and more. If it wasn’t for Howard Stern, we’d be done Sirius. I don’t need the second rate weekday NPR shows, I need “morning edition” and “all things considered.” I don’t want NHL, I want the NBA. It was there when I started my subscription.

You know this Sirius. Please stop nickel and diming us. We’re just going to get angry. And as soon as Howard Stern retires, who is going to keep us? It’s not Bruce, it’s certainly not Oprah. Once Howard is gone, you have nothing I can’t get from a podcast, the itunes store or television and notice I never said I never threatened to go back to terrestrial radio.

Allow users to create new and inventive ways for your subscribers to access their content. It only makes Sirius more appealing.

But please stop hating your subscribers? All we want is to love you.


17 Responses to Why does Sirius satellite radio hate its subscribers?

  1. I’ve had Sirius since Howard Stern made the switch. Ever since Sirius merged with XM I’ve been unhappy with how the channels and format’s changed with rock / groove / hard rock / metal.

    Sirius’s software is a pain. I have the Stilleto 100, and Sirius recommends its “My Sirius Studio” software on the windows platform. If I copy MP3s directly via Windows Explorer in Vista, I quickly put MP3s on my Stilleto. However, if I use “My Sirius Studio”, it takes quadruple the time to copy. Why???

    I ALMOST cancelled Sirius a couple months ago, but my wife likes it when we’re driving on trips and sometimes on Sunday mornings.

    You’re right, all I want to do is love Sirius again. IMO I think XM’s corporate culture and attitude is diluting Sirius

  2. Weenerbump says:

    The customer support from India bites. When they over charge you, you can never win. I will never change anything to my subscrtption. They are also extreamly rude. Hope they go down in flames.

  3. at4walls says:

    I had Sirius on 2 new cars this year (mine and my wife’s). Our experience with Sirius was unbelievably awful – customer service sucked, billing dept sucked, ridiculously long hold times (over 45 minutes on my last “cancel both accounts” call.

    Really the worst company to deal with.

  4. bean says:

    I know nobody will care what I leave here because they (Sirius) has heard this probably 50 times in the last 12 months from me. I was suckered into buying a lifetime sub. Here is what they didnt tell me. It was the lifetime of the equipment. Guess what, I have not had one radio from them last a year. I am on my second since the lifetime sub and my third overall. Now the lifetime was so they would quit messing up my bill, mind you! Once my first radio went out I called to switch radios, thats when I was told ALL the details. I could only switch my equipment 4 times, and it will cost me $75 everytime. Since I have had Sirius, I have spent over $1000 with them. I watch as they go and give out free units to every Tom Dick and Harry, and they cant waive a $75 fee. Besides the way I figure in 2 more years I will run out of renews. Once I found this out they were more than happy to discontinue my service, if I wanted, with no refund! I hate Sirius and I hope they go bankrupt!

  5. Ryan says:

    Right, you JUST found out? It’s been in our terms and conditions for the longest time, but you most likely didn’t read them.

    • brian says:

      yes ryan when they sold it over the phone, they told me lifetime subscription for $400 we just need your credit card number, they didnt sit there and read the “terms and conditions” if you ryan work for sirius you can piss off!

  6. bean says:

    To Ryan,

    If your response was to my comment, then here is my reply to you. I was sold the subscription over the phone and as of writing this, I have never seen a copy of their terms and conditions!

  7. palmharbor says:

    I have had sirius for about three years. I listen to the talk stations. Sirius Left has the worst hosts with few exceptions especially Lynn Samuels. I wrote the Program Manager, by us mail and e mail and it did no good. I wrote Karmazan and said the only thing I can do to maybe get your attention is terminate service. I did it effect today. Karmazan wants to duplicate AM and FM and charge money for it. Fuck him

  8. J says:

    Once again Sirus has taken off the Strobe. They think that since they left it on online that people will be satisfied. We want to be able to listen in the car. I hope enough suscribers will get their attention and bring the Strobe back as we had to do before and they brought it back. If Strobe does not come back I surely will be canceling.

  9. Christine says:

    I hate Sirius, don’t ever sign up you will never be able to cancel. I was also sold a subscription over the phone and not told of the terms and conditions. Now I have to pay past my subscription period or they won’t cancel my account, and they just continue to rack up charges. Nice trick.

  10. mike vallejo says:

    well what can i say all u guys are retards if your dumbass would read the terms and conditions online.i HATE HOWARD STERN FANS they are all fuckin weird and are fucking looser and if you dont call into cancle your term will auctially be renew howerd stern fand eat shit and die ..

  11. Bite Me Sirius says:

    All the comments are correct about customer service. This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. The hold time on the phone is atrocious. The reps are rude and you can’t understand them. Try getting your money back after canceling! They have to be breaking some laws. If you email them they will not answer. I cut them off from my bank account and they turned me over to collection. I DO NOT HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION with them and they still are trying to take money from me! Not to mention the constant flood of phone calls, email and mail to get you to resign. It verges on harassment. I miss Howard but have learned I can live without him. I tell everyone I can to stay away from Sirius. I am looking forward to the day Howard retires and they go down in flames! I will be clapping with balloons and cake outside their studio when all the workers are leaving with their boxes.
    Bite Me Sirius!

  12. MarkC says:

    My two problems with Sirius. First, I had my first satellite radio stolen and Sirius absolutely refused (“the system won’t let us”) to permanently block the ESN from ever being used again. I told them that was aiding and abetting criminals, etc, but they 100% totally ignored all of my pleas. I had a CT state police report I could send them a copy. Nope, Sirius would absolutely take money from a thief or someone who purchased stolen property and re-activate my stolen unit again. Great.

    Second problem; they moved JamOn 17 to Internet only. Great. Now I have to pay to listen to a channel I’ve listened to for free years?! I used their ‘contact us’ page and send them my thoughts… nothing really bad, but never got as much as even a “we’re sorry to have to make changes, but…” reply.

    Like many others, if it weren’t for Howard (they are SO lucky they resigned him!), I’d be gone. The ONLY other channel I listen to is Dead 32… and I got gigs of Dead shows on my iPod I can listen to for that… (but Tales from the Golden Road and Today in GD History are cool 😉

    On second thought, I may cancel soon anyways… Howard is going to seriously cut back his hours and days…

  13. Karla says:

    Watchout, Sirius will charge you a cancellation fee (without telling you at the beginning that this will happen). Their customer service in Canada is very poor and pushy. Won’t be back as a customer.

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  15. Shelly Rohde says:

    I absolutely hate Sirius radio and seriously will make sure I NEVER have it in a vehicle or car. I will also do everything I can to make sure that people do not use them. We have some up and coming services, Sirius your days are numbered!

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