Sirius XM falls short again

In the continuing saga of Sirius XM trying to keep up with what its consumers want verses what Sirius delivers, Sirius announced today the launch of their iPhone/iTouch player. If you’re like me, you know that the Sirius player available at SUCKS. It’s clunky, it’s slow to load, crashes frequently, constantly asks if you are listening and the player asks users for username, password and then a captua code. Why are you asking for a captua code? The only way I can listen is if I have a username and password and on top of that, only one person is permitted to listen per username/password.

So with all those downsides and Sirius calling an end to the Starplayr, Sirius XM finally launched the iPhone app. From the looks for things, on the website, the sirius app is beautiful and easy to use. However in keeping with really stupid policies or legal maneuvering or whatever, you cannot access Howard Stern and certain sports.

No Howard Stern?

With Howard Stern’s contract expiring in 18 months, maybe Sirius XM is trying to find out if users will go for Sirius’ services without its marquee player.

Here is the sans Stern disclaimer:

Some select programming, including MLB® Play-by-Play, NFL Play-by-Play, SIRIUS NASCAR® Radio, and Howard Stern, will not be available on the iPhone and iPod touch. Listeners will continue to be able to access that programming through the platforms they are currently offered on.

One step forward, two steps back. I’m sure the player will work very well, but you’re listening to Sirius XM on your ipod. Most users have a library of music at their fingertips. Why would users then use the radio function to listen to music that they already have or music that they don’t care enough about to have on their ipod already?


One Response to Sirius XM falls short again

  1. James says:

    Thanks for the information, I’m an Apple geek at heart so I’ll think I’ll be buying iPhone’s for the next while!

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