What’s in a name anyway?

Yahoo! has a gossip page called OMG as in Oh my God! It’s a really cute name for breaking celebrity news. In the celebrity gossip genre, it’s not uncommon to say OMG can you believe so-and-so did that/wore that/got arrested for that. The site is geared towards women and is bright with oranges and pinks and big puffy font.

TechCrunch reported last month that Yahoo! bought the name OMG.com for cheap. Like $80,000 cheap. That’s nothing for a great URL that’s easy to remember and is the name of the website.

Here’s the problem with the URL, when OMG! is the catch all for all celebrity news, upsetting celebrity news gets caught in the mix. So when OMG ran Us Weekly’s somber story about  about the memorial service for DJ AM complete with a picture of mourners, the light, airy page’s theme didn’t fit the genre of the story.



One Response to What’s in a name anyway?

  1. Tamara says:

    Naftali, where are you?

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