International Olympic Committee: Final Presentations LIVE

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama just finished up their presentation to the International Olympic Committee. Mrs. Obama destroyed it. Her speech was a home run. President Obama’s speech was straight out of 2008: full of hope and a YES WE CAN spirit. Members of the IOC and other committees asked questions of the Chicago delegation. One of the questioners was Prince Albert of Monaco.

At the end of the Chicago Committee’s presentation, President Obama received a diploma from IOC President Jaques Rogue to congratulated Chicago in becoming an olympic candidate finalist city.

Tokyo’s presentation is up next at 8:25 GMT. Update: It was an amazing presentation and I now REALLY want to go to Japan. But the IOC members seemed to have some serious reservations with Tokyo’s bid. One question was about public support. The Tokyo Committee responded that public support was in the high 80 percent range.

Here are some notes I tweeted about on the twitter.

Brazil is up at 10:05 GMT

Madrid follows later.

You can watch it live by clicking here.

The announcement comes around 11:30am central time and Chicagoans are gathering in Daley Plaza around 9:00am (broadcast info here).


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