A lesson in SEO

The topic of SEO or search engine optimization has been in the news recently since Google changed the way search is done via their algorithm. I’m going to recommend checking out the most recent On the Media where they address the issue and it’s possible that AOL overpaid for the Huffington Post since sites that churn out repackaged content also known as content farming will be downgraded in Google’s new search.

This weekend, someone at The Washington Post hit the publish button too early and an article was published with place holder text in place where the headline should go. Headlines are being written for search engines meaning the headline may not represent what the article is about, but the most titillating aspect of the story for the sake of searching and clicking.

Below is a picture of how The Washington Post gets clicks:

Add something cool here -->


Not to be outdone, The LA Times uses another form type of trick the get people to click on links. It’s called the oldest trick in the book: pictures of hot women (note my own use of SEO language)


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