This is a little blog I’ve put together for enjoyment purposes only and my writings should not be used as a guarantee to diagnosis an illness, predict the future or buy or sell stocks.
I do write about my travels, webvideo or random thoughts that pop into my head. Feel free to contact me about the future, stocks, marital advise or whatever. You can reach me at jarosenberg(at)yahoo(dot)com.


2 Responses to About

  1. hello jarosenberg,

    i found the photo that you have taken at the taj mahal at agra interesting. so as an outsider to my country, how did you find India? Since we live in India most time, our perception of the country would be netural, mostly that of a tolerant nation!! Thats why i asked a person such as you since the context for the question was there on the photograph! :))

    I also wanted to know if you are a member of blogads, and whether you would have an invite to give me. I am building a blog on life in Bangalore, down in south india and thought going through blog ads would be fun.

    best regards

  2. suzi says:


    is this you?…jason our long lost and very loved burrito patron? if so, hello and warm wishes from south carolina and your very fond friends at el burrito.

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