Sharks with freaking Laser Beams

July 11, 2011

Check out this video from 1969 about laser beams posted to twitter today by AT&T tech labs. It introduces tattoo removal, holograms and talks about what will become using lasers for CD players and more.

Towards the end of this video, there’s a segment about how lasers will allow for video phone calls and using home phones to dial for stock quotes.


It’s worth watching if not for the 1960s futuristic sound track.

Click this link to watch the video about Lasers!

But here are the AT&T “You Will” ads that I loved as a kid.



Have I got a deal for you…

August 7, 2009

I got this piece of spam today. How much do I LOVE this stuff? Here is the email verbatim.

And now I present you with:


Good day,

How are you today and your family? I believe all is well with you. Please without taking much of your time, I find your contact while doing a private research on the Internet for a reliable, capable foreign partner that will assist us in this business opportunity. I decided to contact you via my private electronic address, because of the delicate nature of the project.

We are soliciting for your assistance and guidelines in making a business investment for the transfer of US$ 27,500,000.00 to your country within the next few days. I must plead for your confidence in this transaction. We are high placed officials, working with Department of Finance & Economic Affairs, in Johannesburg South Africa .

Please consider now, I am constrained not to issue more details about this project until I get your response back, if you can take out a moment of your schedule today to respond to my private email below for more details and include your private telephone number in your response, which I and my colleague will highly appreciate, we shall definitely get back for continuous communications.

This fund accrued legitimately to us as commission from foreign contracts, through our private connections in the ministry with theconstruction companies that executed the contract. The fund is presently waiting to be remitted from the bank here in South Africa to any overseas beneficiary confirmed by us as associate/receiver of the company.

Find out how to cash in on the deal after the jump:

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Random Google Maps

February 19, 2009

I love Google street view. Sometimes it catches people doing things they might not want to be caught doing. Other times they are doing things we have no idea what they are doing. Here’s a random image the street view team picked up.

What do you think they’re doing?

Slumdog Millionaire

December 2, 2008

Going to see it

update: So good!

Rosenberg Pie Eating Contest…results

December 1, 2008

As predicted, I won the 3rd annual Rosenberg Pie Eating Contest. That makes me the winner for three years straight. Over time, I have developed a method for winning and I plan on winning the 4th annual Rosenberg Pie Eating Contest in 2009.

Check out photos from the contest.

The Great Schlep

September 25, 2008

Sarah Silverman has figured a great way to Get Out the Jewish Vote in Florida:


The Great Schlep

The Great Schlep